Uber taking 38.53% of Uber X trip


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I driver Uber X. After I took this pax to her destination she showed me Uber charged her $7.37, but Uber only
paid me $4.53. Even-though math has never been my favorite when I did the math, Uber is keeping 38.5 % of the fare.
Check your fares guys. Uber is out to get you


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There is alot that is not transparent about what Uber shows you on the driver version of receipts. They say its all in the air of "simplicity" for the driver partners. You're forgetting about the service fee. In your market, it looks like that is $1.70 per ride. That is a fee that Uber is keeping. In their wonderful legal language of our service agreement they actually says its a fee that you are charging to the passenger and then you're giving it to Uber. Interesting that they don't show that on our receipts then.

So, you need to deduct that off what the passenger paid before you calculate what you get.