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Did anyone get this survey this morning? All the questions were UberPool related. It skipped my mind to screenshot the actual questions....



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Souns like you're the inly one got this this since you do so many pools.
I do some, but definitely not all. Especially not when the conversation is so good with the 1st pax that I don't want an awkward 2nd pax coming into the car and ruining the conversation- I'd rather have a good convo than make an xtra 50 cents


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I got that a couple of weeks ago. I think I got it because I use to refuse so many seconds pings. :biggrin: A lot of questions were asking about refusing the second ping.

Now I just don't take any poo pings, or I take them ALL.

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Link the survey so we can all take it.

Q: Do the riders like it?
A: Not in the least. They hate it and rate the driver for this poor service that Uber introduced and forces onto people

Q: Do you like it?
A: Quite the opposite: lower ratings, lower payout, increased frustration.