Uber Strike Makes it on CNN


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It has also been all over CNBC today. The New York Times and Washington Post have picked up the story. News stations across the country are covering it (type in Uber Strike then look at all of the media covering this). Just watched a segment from Boston where Logan Airport officials are telling passengers to make alternative plans due to the disruptions from the strike.


After seeing the new Quest offers for this week I hope everyone strikes and Uber gets their ass handed to them


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They should have had a strike one day a week for a year, what good does the day before do, it's not gonna change fools minds who want to throw their money away.


Uber is my only source of income. Tomorrow when many people go on strike, it is tempting for me to go out there and make probably double the amount of money I make. But I will not do that because tomorrow’s double or triple Will not drastically change my financial situation. I will stand in solidarity with everyone protesting tomorrow. This it’s not only about Uber. It’s about corporate America in general. It’s about poor versus the wealthy that will continue to exploit the poor. I might go on strike for life and quit this thing. I rather work in some fast food restaurant and make minimum-wage. Then at least I don’t have to pay for gas, ruin my car or go insane thinking where my next penny comes from. This is not even about whether we can change Uber or not. It’s a matter of principle. We have to stand for something bigger than us. This is baby step to making life better if not for us for next generation. This is a fight for American dream folks. This is about keeping the possibility keeping taking American dream out of coma and bringing it back alive!