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UBER should get into the prostitution business...


New Member
I'd totally use it.

They'd be nice, clean, polite, helpful, patient, courteous, friendly and give terrific service and for about half the price you'd pay at a street corner for an older model, smelling of smoke and being rude to the customer.

I'm still an UBER rider because it's a great value, but I've stopped being a driver after about 4 months because it's clear that UBER management don't have a clue about marketing their service. They're happy to provide a vastly superior service at around half the price of a taxi because it's MY time and resources they're giving away!

Example: recently they've been pushing hard to get drivers in Greenville, SC to go to Clemson (a college town about 45 minutes away) on game days. So I did.


7 rides in 3 hours.
Average time to locate riders outside a busy football stadium at full time...13 minutes.
Highest fare ... $8.94
Number of times riders tried to stuff more than 4 people in my car...7
Number of riders who just wanted me to take them down the street to their car...3
Calculating my vehicle costs as $35/mile, the amount I made for the day ... -$8.67 (yep, that's MINUS $8.67 after driving 45 minutes each way to get to Clemson)
Number of times I'll repeat this experience ... 0

This is by no means my first or only experience of being screwed by UBER's ridiculous pricing and lack of opportunity to collect tip.

UBER on!