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Hi everyone! Been driving on Uber for about a month now and it's going great. On Saturday when I was going online I received a notice of a new Service Fee Schedule, and had to confirm that I had received and read it. I did read it, and also took a screenshot of it. Of note, the Minimum Fare for UberX was increased to $5.20. I was stoked.

Fast forward to today, after driving all weekend and Monday, I counted 11 trips that had fares below the $5.20. Thinking that there was an issue somewhere, I reached out to Uber through the Chat Now option in help. I'm still chatting with them now.

Question: Did anyone else received the notice of the new Service Fee Schedule this weekend, and what did it say? Thanks in advance for your help on this, everyone!



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($5.20 - $1.20)*0.8

Assuming $1.20 is the SRF. Not sure what is charged for rides in King county now (King county was an additional $0.45 or so). I haven't driven since the new fee schedule.

So, yes, you can get as little as $3.20 on a min. fare, before your other expenses.

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Of course, and I wasn't referring to my earnings. I was referring to the total fare that wsa billed to the rider. The Service Fee Schedule says $5.20 is the minimum fare, yet many rides I took were billed less than that.


I got one for 2.79 !!! Crazy

Fare 3.49 (Definitely not the 5.20 to passengers)
Rider Fee so minus 1.40
Uber Fee so minus .70
To me the poor driver 2.79 after driving to pax 10 minutes and a short trip. Not cool UBER !

I also reached out to Uber and no response. Now I am probable on a F&*$ list for my ratings and warnings... : (


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I didn't get a notice of an increase, or at least don't remember paying attention to a communication. I have noticed I seem to be making less. So maybe it is a bait and switch, tell us we are making more and then take a higher percentage?

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Hey BlackDog, that sucks. Sorry to hear about that. You can report the specific trip as having an issue, or you can do the ChatNow and they may/could fix it. Probably not worth the time for a few bucks.

I spend about 3 hours bouncing around between different people on the ChatNow function and finally hear back from someone via email. Here is their response:

Thanks for reaching out, sorry for any confusion here. I'd be happy to help get this sorted out for you.

We recently increased the rider fee, so to make sure that wouldn't affect your earnings we also increased the minimum fare. As you were informed on the 9th. The changes were supposed to go into effect as of the 10th, but it looks like we didn't get a lot of cities changed over until the 13th.

So you shouldn't have to worry about not getting the correct minimum fare going forward, and for the 13 trips I see you've taken since the 10th that didn't get billed correctly I have applied a payment that you'll see on your next statement.

The total of the differences between $5.20 and what was billed for these trips is $8.83, less 20% nets you $7.06.

Apologies for any inconvenience. Thanks for staying on top of this and bringing that to our attention. Please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!
So they claim to have everything fixed. It runs on a computer, though, and like any computer can be prone to bugs and mistakes. Best of luck to the rest of you out there! Drive safe.