Uber Serves Up Its Food Delivery Service, UberEats, To San Francisco

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If you get a parking ticket for double parking, parking in a no-stopping, bus zone, or commercial vehicle load spot, Uber is not going to reimburse you for the ticket.

I drive for Uber late nights so I am glad I will not be wasting my time looking for parking in areas with popular restaurants and then looking for parking at the delivery drop offs. As with driving Uber passengers, you will have customers who are ready for pick up at the curb, and you will have customers who will have you wait 5-10 minutes before they come out to your vehicle.

Imagine you have hot food in your car and the customer is not at the delivery point to receive the food. Imagine you are not in a residential area, but in a busy commercial area with lots of vehicle traffic, no available parking, and no legal place to temporarily stop your car (food pickups and/or food delivery), good luck!

Aug 17, 2015

San Francisco’s newest food delivery company bears a familiar name: Uber.

The ride-hailing service will start delivering hot meals from local restaurants to users in San Francisco, the company said Tuesday. The product, called UberEats, lets users order through the app and choose from a few menu items during set hours each day. Of the six cities where Uber already offers food delivery, some are limited to lunch, while others also do dinner and brunch, and the menu changes daily.

The company seems intent on pushing forward on delivery, despite a few bumps along the way. Uber lost out to Postmates, a delivery and courier service, on deals with retailers like Apple AAPL and Starbucks SBUX , according to the Wall Street Journal. That same Journal story detailed other hiccups with the service: customers sometimes ordered food accidentally, thinking they were hailing a car. Drivers who were used to always staying in their cars now had to park on the street and jump out to pick up or drop off food. Sometimes orders were so slow that food was thrown away at the end of the day, drivers said.
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Until Uber expands the coverage area for UberEATS, If you do not want to get pinged for UberEATS, do not drive anywhere in the Financial District or South of Market areas M-F between 11 AM - 2PM. Unless you have someone to go inside the UberEATS partner restaurants to pick up the food while you drive around the block of the restaurant, good luck and pray for legal parking near the restaurant in SOMA and FIDI.

What is UberEATS?
UberEATS delivers the best meals from favorite local restaurants in 10 minutes or less. Rather than standing in long restaurant lines, trying to find parking at your favorite restaurant, or dealing with unpredictable delivery times, UberEATS brings you a delicious meal on-demand with none of the hassle.

When is UberEATS available?
UberEATS is available Monday through Friday for lunch between 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

Where is UberEATS available?
UberEATS is currently available in SOMA and the Financial District, with plans to expand soon.


Last week my car smelled like shit after doing uber. It was so bad I had to take a shower when I came home, it was only Tuesday I should have been Ok until Saturday.

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I tried it yesterday evening. It is not worth it. Only 1 per hour. I did not get for time. There is no surge. I have to deliver from Capital hill to Ballard for $9.75 the whole operation took an hour. Much better and easier working Uberx.