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Yeah, I'm getting wrong user name or password after I signed out of the app. The site allows me access.


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Was Uberpeople.net Houston down for y'all as well??? It just came back up for me when ubers servers came back online...


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Yes it was taking me forever and a few tries earlier to connect. When I did get connected I actually saw a surge. That led me to believe others had the same issue.
I am having the same issue. In fact since yesterday. I also noticed this site was also down, what a weird coincidence, something is up for sure. Uberpeople and Uber have the server on the same rack/data center...

I couldn't loggin failed attempts got frustrated and decided to come home. More for those working the memorial area.


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I'm sure the downtime with Uber's servers was related to the downtime of uberpeople.net. It's not that they are related in ownership, uberpeople.net it simply influenced by their status and traffic. Uberpeople.net is one of the largest forums for driver and passengers. When people aren't able to log into their application, and Uber doesn't have a support forum, uberpeople.net gets blown up in traffic. I guarantee if I pulled uberpeople.net's traffic in a couple of days you will see their traffic spike 4 to 5 times their daily average. Almost all traffic that comes to uberpeople.net orginates from google's search engine..