Uber Select worth it?


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Hi, I recently upgraded vehicles and now qualify for Uber select and was wondering if setting my trip preference to Uber Select only would be worth it? I understand it wouldn’t be be a good idea to do this on a week night. But how about on like Friday-Saturday night 10pm-3am? Any advice or information anyone could share with me would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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There's very few rides on Select. On big concert nights you may get a hit, otherwise you'll be getting no rides.

BigO in Tulsa

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Trent, you probably already have your answer since your post this past December, but I'll put in my information. I have a vehicle that qualifies for X, XL, and Select. There are some occasions that I will limit my driving to XL and Select only but those don't often happen. If I want to spend some time at home, I will leave my app open to XL and Select only - and if I get a customer, I will go running. If not, I get to spend some time with the honey do list (and family as well!).

With all that, in my last 270 trips, here are my analytics:

Number of rides provided:
  • UberX - 77.4% (209 rides)
  • UberXL - 15.9% (43 rides)
  • Select - 5.6% (15 rides)
  • UberEats - 1.1% (3 trips) - I discontinued the food delivery after a spilled drink from McDonalds\
Monies earned:
  • UberX - 65.4% of my income comes from UberX rides
  • UberXL - 23.6% of my income comes from UberXL rides
  • Select - 10.6% of my income comes from Select rides
These figures are from my June driving. I was out for about 10 days due to two kidney stone attacks. Even missed most of the July 4th traffic. Very disappointed about that.

BigO in Tulsa