Uber SELECT reduced fees


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Guys, I think you're all confused. I'm confident that it says N/A as not available at the moment and doesn't refer to you not getting it at all


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I hope that the N/A was simply an error.

Regardless min fee being cut from $10 to $7.50 along with booking fee increase from $1.50 to $2.50 means min fee for the driver went from $8.50 to $5. If course with uber still taking an additional 20% or 25%. So that's a pretty big cut! More reinforcement that ubering is not a good long term thing.


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Original fees http://www.driveuber.ca/select/

Updated https://uber-regulatory-documents.s3.amazonaws.com/city/toronto/p2p/Service Fee Addendum.pdf

Go to #2 under fares.

Minimum fare reduced from $10 to $7.50
Rider no show fee is N/A, meaning we don't get paid anymore for no shows, while pool is still $5 before their cut

I emailed uber support about rider no show as that will be abused by passengers. Support said cancel fee for no show (wait 5 min) applies, i asked them to fix the agreement if that is the case. We'll see what happens.


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SO, I had a chance to take one of the Uber Engineers to a party this weekend, and I asked him about the "No Show"..
The "NO SHOW" is the Automatic-- 2min - timer. -- As there is no automated timer for the other services, its N/A

For X/XL/Select, standard Cancellation charge exists.