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Uber Select or Gas Mileage

Funky Monkey

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Here is my breakdown of car platforms for full time hardcore ants, now this is just my personal opinion, but I do consider myself very car obsessed person. On all of the vehicles I would go as cheap as possible, possibly with some minor damage, but enough to run the car on platform for 2-3 years.... If I was ever to do X, I would pick up a cheap Prius , there is simply no other car that makes financial cense...reliable and cheap on gas is all you should care about, passenger comfort is irrelevant. I don't think X and XL is a good platform so I ll skip car options. XL/Select the best option that comes to mind is a past generation Chevy tahoe. Those things are built like tanks, I would buy one with 100k miles in a heartbeat, easy will last you to 300k miles.Yes you may loose some mpg but, it takes regular gas, parts are stupid cheap and any El cheapo mechanic can fix these things. It's a super easy car to work on. On top of that you will get lots of tips. As an added bonus you can pick up police package tahoe for cheap, swap regular Tahoe interior, and nice looking wheels and have yourself an SUV that handles better than X5 sport. Police Tahoe’s also have beefed up engine and suspension and are designed to be “abused”. I have a 2012 PPV Tahoe and it's the best driving SUV I ever had. If Tahoe isn't your thing than Highlander or Kia is another good option.But you have to buy much newer year than Tahoe to run Select and parts are not cheap on these cars. Lastly if you were to go select/black...Suburban is the king-no competition here.
They seem to want newer than 2015 on "non-luxury" brands for Select. However, with a suburban you're unstoppable if people want to become private clients of yours (they don't have to compromise for a smaller suv). I guess it's a no brainer that the police tahoes would be souped up but I never thought of that. Sounds pretty awesome!

Ian Richard Markham

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These long trip screenshots amaze me. I am like the complete opposite kind of driver usually racking up 30-40 trips per shift. All short bangers with maybe one or two trips to Rowlette/Frisco/Fortworth per shift. I got mad respect for your ratings and earnings however aren’t you afraid of Uber sacking you little by little for lack of compliance ie your acceptance and cancellation rates?

To Mega Therion

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I had a lifelong car mechanic in the car once. Asked him what's the best buy today. He said, if you got bucks, a Mercedes. For the everyday driver, a Korean car (Hyundai or Kia).