UBER Select Jumper Service

Disgusted Driver

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Funny, I've heard of this happening before but never to me. I happen to carry a jump box as part of my emergency kit (1000 amp surge backup battery essentially with, usb, air compressor and light on it) so I would be happy to give someone a jump. I would however expect to see a Harriet Tubman come my way in addition to the minimum fare (which I would probably cancel as a no show so they can't rate me).

SEAL Team 5

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Today Uber announced it will be providing vehicle jumping service. Riders who's personal vehicle battery is dead may have a Uber driver from any platform respond to jump they're dead battery. Depending upon the platform of the responding driver the rider will only have to pay the minimum charge. N O T ....

I get a ping on the select platform for a rider 10 minutes away. I accept get off the highway and I drive 7 minutes before I get a call saying the GPS is at the wrong address across the street. I tell him no problem he says he's the one outside with the hood up. Again I reply no problem then he says now for the $10 minimum charge I'm going to jump his vehicle right? There is silence around 10 seconds before I replied no that's not what wr do. I told him he's okay to cancel but a minimum charge will apply. His reply to me is why you didn't do anything. I hit end on my phone and waited another four minutes for him to finally cancel then contacted Uber support and advise them the situation.

Who in their right mind would have ever thought this type of call is acceptable. A hour later I'm still laughing about it.
Can't wait for someone to cross the cables, or worse yet. A very hot battery exploding in your face. I can't believe that Uber has all these sheep that will do just about anything for pennies. I just saw the NOT. But I wouldn't put it past Uber.


driving 10 minutes to get $10?
why not
i would do it

i wish i got that
my city's minimum charge is $3.50
drivers who dont meet PDB see $2.62 of that


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I'd do it too but made sure I got compensation.

Some of you are @@@@@@@ or driving strange vehicles. Jumping a car isn't rocket science.

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Yeah that is not wise. Jump starting a car can introduce a liability problem that our insurance will not cover. It also requires drivers to carry cables and know how to use them.

That's as bad an idea as carrying tanks of gasoline to people. What next, push starts?

Tim In Cleveland

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If you damage your car from the jump, I can nearly guarantee you that Uber will REFUSE to pay for it. I suggest asking for payment as it's outside the transportation field. $20 sounds about right. If you don't feel comfortable or they refuse, no-show them or make them cancel.


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Please tell me this is a joke....seriously this has to be a joke...lol!

Jumpstarting a car from jumper cables puts surges through the system that could potentially damage the electronics in modern vehicles. Stupid Uber
It's true, that's why people are so hesitant to lend a jump these days