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Uber Select at the airport


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I haven't been going to the airport due to the huge queue size but I do have another car where I would able to do UberSelect in. Has anyone gone through all the hoops to get the certifications and licenses to drive UberSelect at the airport? It seems like it would be worth it. Is there even any demand for it at the airport? or at all?

Any feedback on Select would be appreciated with or without airport experience.


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Yeah just go to the Fuber holding area, the B52 lot I believe it's called and the Fuberites there will fill you in.


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Before July 1st, Uber Select queue would be 300. These days you may start at 85.

90% of arriving passengers choose X/Lyft over Select. So only 1 out of 10 request Select.

In other words, if 20 planes arrive & 25 ppp request Uber, 450 ask for X/Lyft & 50 ask for Select.

Depending On Time Of Day, several other factors as well as direction the wind is blowing, plan for at least 5 hours to get a SELECT run from MCO. So on a good day you may get 2. Let's say you make $45 in each, work 30 days in a month, make $2,700.

Your insurance will cost you $500 so now you have $2,200. Your car payment plus fuel plus MCO express fees plus tolls may easily run up to $1,200.

Now you have $1,000 left. You made $33.33 daily profit working 10 hours a day for 30 days.

You made $3.33 hourly, you have zero benefits, made riders happy & made lots of money for UBER & MCO.


#1. Drive for X/Lyft & make $5 per hour.
#2. Do Sign Spinning & make $10 per hour.
#3. Do Valet parking & make $15 per hour.
#4. Do consulting work & make $20 per hour.


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LOL, I used to do it but every since Uber trash has been allowed at MCO the permitted Select wait is 24 hours on average. The Q used to have 250 cars and a vast majority of the drivers turned their permits in and are waiting for deposit refunds. Cant believe this uninformed person would even consider it.
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