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Uber screwing on promotions

Discussion in 'Pay' started by Bjo16, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Bjo16

    Bjo16 New Member

    stratford, ct
    ok so I'm in ct and have had promos for the past month at certain times in the day.
    this is a real screw job from Uber and really cannot be legal. The deal is 8-2 $20 an hour gross and rides start from anywhere from Stamford to new haven and 80% acceptance and only one ride during that time. Then from 5-9 it's 24 an hour gross . Uber eats has its own deal also. I think it's one eats an hour and 21 an hour at the same hours. So I've been getting this the past month. I wasn't really calculating it till two weeks ago and saw they were taking out 35% fee. I was never doing Uber eats only I had on to do both. Not sure why all the fees were alway 35% even when days I did 0 eats. so I figured maybe beciae I had on eats also they pull a fast one. So last week I just turned off eats totally all week long to see and figured for sure it would be my 20% but nope still 35%. No where does it say on this promo thay the fees are 35% it just says before Uber fees and my fee is 20% for Uber x. Uber eats promo which is a different promo says 35%.
    I've been going back and forth for a week now trying to get my extra 15% but they don't get it. I may just contact a lawyer here to see if this is legit what they are doing here.
    What do you guys think here?
  2. AceManShow

    AceManShow Well-Known Member

    1) FUBER is not in a heavily regulated industry. They can get away with a lot more than cabs or limousines.

    2) They have more money to fight you in court, than you have to hire an attorney. Attorneys know this, so most prolly won't waste their time.

    3) The only way to show your disdain is to stop driving and boycott their system. What else can we really do?
  3. Disgusted Driver

    Disgusted Driver Well-Known Member

    Not quite correct. You may well be able to take them to small claims court, in which case you don't need an attorney but can try to recover incorrect payments plus expenses. The court should have a web site explaining how to do so. Make sure you have Rasier (check your partner agreement for proper name) listed as a defendant.
  4. StephenT

    StephenT Member

    San Diego
    This is probably dumb, but how do you turn off eats?
    I get 3-6 eats pings per week. They usually sneak up on me and I accept accidentally.
    Can you turn off the requests on demand and opt back in easily?

    san diego, ca
    android phone

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