Uber Scheduled Rides


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I know that Uber Scheduled Rides have been discussed before on the forum, but I'm still not clear on a few points.
  1. Is there any way for drivers to distinguish a scheduled ride from a normal ride, before or after start?
  2. Do Scheduled Rides tend to be "longer", more profitable trips (like airports)?
  3. If so, do you allow more time before jumping on the cancel fee immediately after waiting 5 minutes?
  4. Is the cancel fee the same as a normal ride, double, or varies by city?
  5. Have you personally seen a scheduled ride with surge pricing in effect when the driver gets the request?
  6. What do you tell the PAX when asked about scheduled rides?
  7. What do you think of Lyft trying to introduce a more "driver-friendly" version, described here?
Please reply with any additional insights on how scheduled rides are different from the drivers point-of-view.
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As far as I know it is never a scheduled ride, it is a scheduled request. So someone needs a ride at 10:00 AM, the system requests automatically say 10-15 minutes before. There is probably a lot that goes into it to try to meet the schedule.

After that everything is the same, rider is late 5 minutes, bye bye. I don't even think the driver will know it is a scheduled ride or "request"....


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Ive had two scheduled rides that I know of in the last week. Both of them ordered their ride for a day early, so when I got there, they were like, uh, no, ride is for tomorrow. :frown: There was nothing about those pings to alert me that the ride was scheduled.

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I've had three Uber scheduled rides, just another reason why I like Lyft. Two of my Uber scheduled rides, I had no clue until the pax got in, in both cases Uber failed to alert them I had arrived, and they needed to be out the door in 5 minutes. Uber didn't tell me it was a scheduled ride with an arrival window. When I arrived, my pax wasn't ready, she was finishing packing. Since I was in a horrible area for fares, I ended up waiting 11 minutes for her to finish. Had I know it was a scheduled ride, with an arrival window, I would also stopped to get gas on the way to her (we went to the airport, it was 64 miles) instead of having to stop after picking her up, could have used the restroom and gotten something to drink. The third scheduled ride, while enroute, I got caught by a train, called the pax to let them know, I was already 7 minutes into a 14 minute drive, pax said he was heading to the airport, I told him as soon as the train cleared I would be there. As soon as we hung up, he cancelled, I got $4.00 for it. He waited a few minutes and requested again, I was still the closest driver and accepted the ping. He realized it was me and called to demand to know if the train had cleared I told him the last car was coming, and I'd be on my way. We hung up, I cancelled on his rude ass and turned around. I hope he missed his flight.

Any time I accept a Lyft scheduled pickup, I check the pickup timeframe, if I have time I make a potty stop or a stop to get something to drink. Lyft generally pays $10.00 if the pax cancels, although I've had a few $5.00 cancel fares on scheduled trips.