Uber scare tactics to passengers


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Uber sent this out, they are going to spend all year bumming out passengers so they vote againts AB5 in november. Then when ab5 isnt a thing they can take away the new screen we all love. Few more months if driving and im done. Thankgoodness
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Joke. "Em when Uber dies, which it will, another service will take its place.
It will be a human driver, hauling humans from A to B.

Berry mian

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Why the @@@@ they did not change the mileage rates??? That should change The mileage rate close to Cab rates .... And they should not charge the rider...... a rider fee


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Why do they need to move away from upfront pricing?

i agree, they will be pushing passengers to vote against AB5, sucks and seems a bit unfair


Maybe I’m missing something, but they no longer show us what the rider pays?? -not that was ever accurate..... I guess it makes it easier for them to keep 75% of the fare.

Keep it up Uber.......soon you’ll have As many drivers as you will riders....none.