Uber scams drivers by not paying cancellation fee


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Always take a screeshot to prove that you have been waiting for a rider for more than 5 minutes in order to get the cancellation fee. These issues happened since last week.

Submit your proof in app and call support. Email from support will less likely helpful because they will reply with general information to explain how cancellation fee works. Ffff who does not know? In addition Uber CSR will lie to you saying driver have waited 1.85 minutes for pool or 4.85 minutes for X so that the driver is not qualified for the cancellation fee.

Call support and argue with them how Uber time counter works. If less than the 2 min for pool or 5 mins for X, Uber app "No show cancel" will not pop up. This information on your screenshot proves that you are qualified for the cancellation fee. Most Uber CSR are bunch of usless people and liars. They forgot who created the office jobs for them.