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Uber says theyll throttle your a$$

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by Skepticaldriver, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Right there in the app. It clearly says they will throttle you based on acceptance rate. We tell these people who we will pickup not the other way around. Are we ready to do something about these subhumans yet? Uber needs to fear us not the other way around

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  2. Buckiemohawk


    The way you stop Uber is to write letters to papers, get on twitter and facebook and tell people of what a crooked company Uber is... The power of One my friend.
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  3. Fubernuber


    I dont think they throttle you. I have a very low accept rate. 10-40% most weeks. Nothing to indicate what you said.
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  4. elelegido


    I see no evidence in your screenshot that Uber diverts pings away from low acceptance drivers.
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  5. tirebiter


    If you don't accept a few pings in a row, they take you Offline for a period of time.
    That punishment is supposed to help train you to accept more trips.

    But even if you are Online, I have also personally observed that they will throttle you.
    It is real, no question.

    Which pings you get for a potential match is based on many factors, not just proximity.
    It has to do with current conditions, your acceptance rate, your cancel rate,
    how many POOL requests you have accepted in the last hour, what destinations you drive to a lot,
    and other highly proprietary trade-secret algorithm features that they will never disclose.

    They will also punish you by sending you far-away (20 minutes across state lines,
    for example) requests, that will be for minimum fare trips; the driver will literally
    lose money taking those. If you're accepting trips in your area like a good little
    driver, this will never happen. If you've been bad in the last hour or so, they
    will send you these ridiculous punishment trips, even when you are already
    sitting right in some crazy red Surge zone where there are not enough cars.
    (And if you don't take the bad trip, more bad marks on your permanent record...)

    It takes time to ping drivers, and Uber wants to find someone who will take it as
    quickly as possible. Otherwise the riders will start looking for a Lyft or taxi,
    and Uber's reputation also suffers.

    And quite frankly, Uber seems perfectly reasonable and sensible about this to me.
    If you're not accepting trips, then you are unreliable and throwing a monkey wrench into the works.
    You're supposed to go Offline.

    If your acceptance rate is really low, they send you a nastygram,
    especially if you are not accepting UberPOOL requests.
    I don't think it threatens to permanently deactivate you, like it used to, though.
    There was some legal trouble a while back where Uber had to defend the
    practice from drivers claiming that Acceptance Rate was telling them
    how to do their jobs to the extent that they should be classified as employees.
    Uber changed some official policies due to that.
    But they still seem to do the all same things that I mentioned above.

    Uber can still fire you for having a low Acceptance rate.
    Because they are allowed to terminate your contract for any reason or no reason,
    and they are under no obligation to explain to you or anyone else why they did it.
    All they did was to stop threatening that they would do this.
    That doesn't mean they actually stopped doing it!

    And they do all kinds of other things, as I outlined above.
    Uber is a technology company.
  6. Fubernuber


    There is just one problem with this theory. In doing so;
    1. The rider app becomes completely unreliable in terms of showing eta.
    2. It would have to take the uber law breakers off the map
    3. It would mean that the programmers are less imept at their jobs the it appears. This application of punishement would have tl be applied manually because to enforce it via algo is too complicated. At which point in your "career" did uber strike you as a capable company with capable employees?
    While what you are saying sounds reasonable and thought out, you are missing one import piece of the puzzle. If uber had any desire to improve rider experience they would show destination and boost only the fares that nobody wants to take. Until they do that i find your explanation to be unlikely and unatainable
  7. dirtylee


    If anything, the lower my acceptance rate has gotten, the better the rides have become.
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  8. JimKE


    Actually, I think all Uber is saying in that screenshot is that high acceptance rates mean faster pickups and therefore shorter waits for the PAX. The pax is all they care about; they don't care if we wait.

    I also agree with Fubernuber above. I don't think Uber's technical capabilities are strong enough to "cherry-pick" rides for preferred drivers. That's giving them way more credit than they deserve.
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  9. Shangsta


    Spot on. The more selective you are the more money you make.

    LOL you give uber way too much credit. Their app barely functions you think they can do all that? Lol my acceptance rate is 30 percent but the trips I do get are often long and pay well. I have nine straight trips over at least 10 bucks. Your theory is bunk.
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  10. phtll


    OKC, OK
    No, that phrasing also applies to the drivers: if you accept more rides, you'll wait less time between rides.

    One thing I've noticed lately about acceptance is that the two-declines timeout doesn't always apply--for example, it seems I don't get the penalty box if I decline rides from far away, or if I'm getting pings that have obviously gone around to a bunch of other drivers (eg, non-surge pings at surge time). This is a good thing, of course.
  11. dirtylee


    If you have ever driven an hourly guarantee for either uber/lyft, you'd know how wrong you are. They do rig it.
  12. Oscar Levant

    Oscar Levant


    I sincerely doubt Uber rewards high acceptance rate drivers with longer trips or punishes them with trips that are farther away. I haven't noticed anything like that at all. But, I could be wrong, I just don't know.
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  13. Bean


    Tampa Bay
    I can't speak for other markets but where I'm at all these theories about acceptance rate effecting anything other than timeouts are complete BS.
  14. ."...often mean shorter wait times."

    Kind of vague, no?

    The have always said shorter wait times for riders was the goal. Since I've been driving anyway. When I used to get texts and emails for my acceptance rate, it would say accepting more trips means higher earnings and shorter wait times for riders...

    That's all this is. You're being paranoid.

    Uber wants the rider to chat their ride asap, they aren't going to skip you to punish you if it inconveniences the rider.

    Uber does thing for 2 reasons 1) it is a benifit to Uber and 2) it is a benifit to the riders.

    Skipping you if you are in the best position for a rider is not in the riders best interest. It's not going to happen.
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  15. charmer37


    All uber do is supply the app and sends us the passengers, They don't Control who I decide to pickup or reject. If I did everything uber says I need to do I would be picking up riders 15 miles away and driving cheap ass passengers for base rates, That's something I'm not doing.
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