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Uber Says Its Drivers Can Kick Out White Supremacists


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Drivers with the transportation company Uber will have the chance to refuse passengers who attend the upcoming Unite the Right 2 white supremacist rally in DC on August 12. The refusal is contingent on a driver’s feelings of comfort and safety in accordance with the app’s community guidelines.

According to the terms agreed uponwhen signing up for the service, both drivers and passengers are “are expected to exercise good judgment and behave decently towards other people in the car when riding with Uber.” That list of bad behavior includes breaking the local law, damaging property, and use of inappropriate and abusive language or gestures. Uber tells Washingtonianthat if a driver deems actions by a passenger discriminatory—which could include ideology, signage, and remarks associated with racial supremacy and neo-nazism—a driver is within his or her right to terminate the ride. It’s possible, too, that the user could be banned from using the app entirely, though Uber maintains that it investigates each complaint on a case to case basis.


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Why would a driver need to kick them out? Just don't go near the place! Problem solved.

I wouldn't drive anywhere near any emotionally-charged political rally regardless of their flavor of the moment.
It depends on the rally. I drove for some women's rally a few months back, knowing that it could be a flop. Sure enough....broke liberals. Pretty sure the Cross & Trump bumper sticker did not help. But is was fun listening to them.

Prior, I drove during two Trump events and made bank!

Just saying

Stevie The magic Unicorn

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Is that Daniel Radcliffe?

Watch 'Harry Potter’s' Daniel Radcliffe infiltrate a white supremacy group in the trailer for ‘Imperium'


It appears it is in fact Harry Potter,

He stars in a movie about an FBI agent who infiltrates a white supremecy group.

Good eye...

That hand gesture is a misunderstanding. He's trying to hail a cab.
Actually he's doing the Nazi salute while pretending to be an FBI agent pretending to be a white supremacist. So it's all cool..


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Can we kick out snowflake liberals and socialist advocates.????

What about black power hate groups like "Black Lives Matter" and "Antifa"? How come these left wing radical liberal progressive companies never address THIS problem?

And NO, I don't support "White Power" and/or the "KKK".
Because uber is ran by a bunch of snowflake liberals in SF. I decline rides and do. Drive by cancel on BLM in Sac.