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Have you all received the latest text message from Uber with a list of safety tips on how to be respectful to Riders?

UBER SAFETY TIP: Please remember to treat all riders with respect. Here are some tips on staying calm, cool, and professional: http://t.uber.com/safetytips

Nope not me, last week they did ask me for some tips that they could send out to other drivers


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I had the same thing yesterday morning. Pax cancelled twice, then got 3rd request and he called me to tell me that it shows I'm 7 minutes away, but since he's already late for work that's unacceptable, and if I can't be there in 6 minutes then he doesn't want the ride. So, I told him he should maybe request a different driver, and he tells me that I'm the only one showing up in the area. So then I suggest maybe he tried to get a select driver instead of an X, he doesn't want to pay more. And he reiterates how late he is for work and how he needs to be there quickly, mind you, he lives in Northridge and he wants to get to downtown LA but if I'm one minute past six minutes that's not acceptable. I hung up and cancelled the ride! He sent 2 more requests, which I ignored, then a text message asking if I am going to accept his request, which I also ignored!


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They told me that they detected movement on my phone while the car was moving during the ride... Bunch of idiots...

I thought you were kidding about this. If it's the case, next ride you should grab your phone and


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Yeah, thanks but no thanks. I'll start taking POOL requests when you start making them profitable. Like, maybe a minimum distance for POOL?


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I thought you were kidding about this. If it's the case, next ride you should grab your phone and
No he's not kidding. Their most recent upgrade accesses the accelerometer in your phone so they can tell if you are handling the phone while driving(they can also tell if you're speeding apparently)
Like a lot of their crappy updates, it doesn't work though. I did one ride last week with my phone firmly placed in my phone mount, never touched it during the ride and got the message. It's been on my app ever since. Every time I open the app I'm reminded how much I hate this company!!!