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Uber riders with consistently bad ratings will be banned, company announces

Discussion in 'News' started by Grahamcracker, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Grahamcracker

    Grahamcracker Moderator

    Colorful Colorado Springs
    IF you get on the wrong side of your Uber driver in the near future, you could find yourself being slapped with a six-month ban.

    That’s because the tech transportation giant is introducing a new system which will kick in when riders hit a rating for four-out-of-five stars or lower.

    Once you hit this rating, presumably after you’ve done something intensely annoying and you’ve been rated accordingly by your driver, you will be sent an “friendly” email to remind you how you are expected to behave.

    Susan Anderson, Uber General Manager ANZ, told news.com.au that, if you’re rating does not improve, you will be sent two or three further emails to give you a chance to clean up your act.

    However, if you fail to do this. You could find yourself banned from Uber for six months.

    “We don’t people to lose access we just want an environment of mutual respect,” Ms Anderson said.

    “By trialling these warnings to try and change people’s behaviour, we have found that people do try and they improve their rating.”

    A four-star rating may not make you sound like a terrible passenger, however Ms Anderson says the vast majority of Australians on Uber have a far better rating.

    She said nine-out-of-ten Aussie Uber users have a rating of 4.5 or higher, meaning the new changes will only affect a very small minority of people.

    “The vast majority of riders will not be affected by this,” added Ms Anderson, who incidentally has a rating of 4.82.

    She said the new system has been introduced because stressed out drivers have revealed a raft of things which annoy them in multiple surveys.

    “Drivers have reported a number of common incidents to us, for example when riders asked to be picked up in an unsafe location (such as a no-stopping zone in a CBD), it makes their jobs very stressful,” she said.

    “Conversation is another big one. We are all busy and sometimes we just want to sit there and check our phones. But, you don’t have to talk to the driver all the way through the trip, just saying hello and goodbye makes a big difference.

    “It’s about treating people with common courtesy.”

    Uber says its users should treat each other with respect it’s OK to have a chat but avoid topics that may make others uncomfortable.

    The company has also reminded users of its no sex rule saying it’s not appropriate to comment on someone’s appearance or ask whether they are single or to text, call, or visit someone in person after a ride has been completed.

    A number of Uber drivers told news.com.au they are scared to pick customers up from certain locationsbecause they are requesting pick-ups in no-stopping zones.

    One experienced Uber driver told news.com.au he has had a fiery argument with customers over the issue and he has even had to change his hours in a desperate attempt to avoid being caught by traffic wardens.

    “I’m so sick of it (customers requesting pick-ups in no-stopping zones). It happens every day and often several times a day too,” said Sydney driver Chris Berrett.

    “It makes you worried when you get a job in the CBD especially, because you’re always thinking about where you can stop and if a warden is watching.”

    Another issue, which Uber found enrages its drivers is unplanned stops at different locations on the way to you destination — also known by some as the late-night Maccas stop.

    Ms Anderson said the changes are just about instilling respect between the driver and rider.

    “Just remember, the drivers are providing their own time and their own car,” she said. “So it’s important to think about them when you’re booking your ride.”

    Uber users will be notified of the changes tomorrow and they will be phased in throughout the next two weeks.



    It may sound simple, but taking a minute to say hello to your Uber driver and ask them how their day has been can make a massive difference to their experience, and to your rating. There’s no need to get stuck in a deep and meaningful conversation, but it doesn’t hurt to acknowledge the driver.


    When you’re in a hurry racing between meetings or running late to a social event, it can be easy to forget the little things, like shutting the car door firmly behind you, without blowing it off its hinges. Some Uber drivers complete thousands of trips a year, and the last thing they need is to hear the back door slam every time someone gets in or out of the car. Say thanks, shut the door firmly behind you, and be on your merry way.


    Nothing gets an Uber driver down like their car being littered with your morning coffee cup, or worse, your 3am kebab. You technically shouldn’t be eating or drinking during your Uber ride anyway, but if you must, be sure to take your stinky rubbish with you, or your rating may well take a sad dive south.


    Some would call this common sense, but you’d be shocked to know the number of riders who drop their pin in the wrong location, leaving their driver waiting on a busy road in peak hour traffic. Take a second to make sure you drop your pin correctly, or enter your pick-up address, to save everyone a headache.

    If you’re running a bit late, let your driver know through the in-app messaging feature. When you do get into the vehicle, try to avoid changing your destination multiple times.


    Once you’ve ordered an UberX, you can edit your final destination any time before the trip ends. Thanks to Uber’s multiple destinations feature, you can also add up to two extra stops along the way. But remember, no one likes a back seat driver — telling your Uber driver to speed up, change lanes last minute or stop in illegal stopping zones is asking for trouble.


    This will be interesting
  2. uberdriverfornow


    Banned until they create a new account.

    Why is 4.63 the min for a driver while a 4.00 is the min for a rider ?
  3. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    Glad to know that paxholes will be notified regarding ratings. Many paxholes are unaware that drivers are rating them.
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  4. This is a step in the right direction!

    Hopefully they will bring this to the states, and increase the drop off level to a rating of 4.50.
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  5. So they get four warnings and then eventually can easily create a new account. Problem solved !
  6. cantstopwontstop


    i only rate bad on trips i dont gross $10 on so all trips under 10 miles to me coercing free labor is defintion of a 1 star experience

    ratings, stars, badges, quests,promos, bribery to collect on past labor(consecutive ride bonus), games, $2-9 fares are for children

    until drivers are paid a fair legal wage 96% will churn, service will continue to decline

    the bot doesn't realize humans can only be tricked into working for free, get in an accident, need a major repar, ticket, or many others whammys when "sharing" your ride so many times,

    the bot thinks it actually deserves to make more than the human, an actual "human" programmed the bot, more "humans" approved slavery in an app, a bot perfected

    yes free labor is slavery not whips & chains but none the less

    a scooters time (.15 a minute) is worth more than a humans time .08 or less depending on market after cut) in vehicles that weigh 2000+ scooters

    this company is actually legally operating think about that

    is $5ish more per ride really that much of an ask? geez human drivers not going anywhere soon & the robots not going to be cheaper than that
  7. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    The optimum word here is could. I could win the Powerball. Uber could pay drivers $8/mile. Trump could be a good president.

    Do you really think that Uber would (not could) delete the accounts of the millions of drunken idiots just because they've had a few poor ratings?
  8. Or they use their friends, or family members account, ive come across many who have lost their uber account, and now wreck their friends, had one lady plead me to not downvote her anymore, as she was on the edge of her account being closed, and I can see why,

    4.63? here its 4.5. Uber always says it’s the average, so if your city is 4.63 then that must mean drivers in your area have a higher average.
  9. BurgerTiime


    This will another bs/pr stunt that won’t be enforced
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  10. Because more is expected from a customer service "employee " than a paying customer. If you're a greeter at Walmart and you welcome shoppers with a cheery "Bugger off", you'll be fired. A customer won't be banned for rudeness to store personnel unless it gets out of hand.
  11. Uber needs to let drivers go back and give 5 stars to the late tippers.
    It would suck for someone’s rating to be dropping even though they tip.
  12. BlueManOC


    I hate when pax slam my doors it’s very annoying I don’t want my doors falling off
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  13. Falling doors is definitely a problem that plagues all drivers
  14. At least they will be aware that we rate them. Can’t hurt.
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  15. 1.5xorbust


    San Diego
    More lip service. With a 4.82 rating Ms. Anderson must not be a tipper.
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  16. 7Miles


    I am glad someone brought up Trump to this related to him topic.
    I just had a ride( I was a pax) where driver trashed Trump. I don’t know why he felt to open his mouth about politics. Two stars.
  17. Exactly. One of the few good things about the Lyft app is the ability to change the passenger rating within 24 hours after the trip. Uber definitely needs to borrow this feature like they did the 5 minute timer. I give almost everyone 5 stars in case they tip online. I don't want to discourage late tipping if the passenger happens to care about his rating. In a perfect world, only tippers would be 5 star customers. This would balance the driver-passenger power relationship .
  18. UberwithDan


    its 4.3 here. maybe its a regional change, havent heard anythign abotu it in the US
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  19. Yes, this would be a good change that would not cost them anything.

    The challenge with that is that Uber, riders CAN see their ratings, and this leads to retaliation.

    Lyft got it right by not showing pax their ratings, and took it a step further by rounding ratings to the nearest tenth.
  20. Why 4 warnings ? 3 strikes and your out. Amazon is worse than that to there Flex drivers.

    Plus, like Amazon, one should not be able to create a new account on the same phone. IP address ? Course they can get a burner phone , but it slows them down.

    I've had a few pax, that I've trashed there "Friends" account.
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