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Uber rider charged $250 for 7-minute trip

Discussion in 'News' started by Trump Economics, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Fauxknight


    Columbus, OH
    Dude needs a better phone, look at that battery life, it drops 6% between screenies.
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  2. I just find these stories “interesting.” I go through hundreds of customer complaints each day and these bogus rides appear to be increasing, but I don’t see Uber doing anything about them... according to the passenger synopsis.

    And Uber can easily tell whether or not the passenger was in the car with the driver, which means these cases are being treated as, “Oh, the charge is legitimate because you called the ride for a friend — a friend who used the account.”

    Still, it just seems like Uber’s customer service has recently gone from canned response and ride credits to “absolutely no response/resolution.” It’s almost like they’re encouraging this behavior, because they still get a large cut of the fare.
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  3. Let's see a taxi driver pull that when you pay cash when you exit.

    The taxi meter also can't be turned back on after paying with credit.

    I could only pull off this kind of scam in a taxi if they do pay-by-app.

    and if a customer contests it the company will pull the security camera.

    It's amazing how uber created a lot of problems that the taxi companies fixed a long time ago or never existed before.

    Crap like this makes me laugh. Maybe the guy will consider a taxi next time, or go to his CC company and contest the charges, switch to lyft.

    Either way... that guys faith in rideshare companies is reaching zero.
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  4. Jo3030

    Jo3030 Moderator

    Washington DC
  5. toyotarola


    Reno, NV
    Yes, the taxis are soooo great. I'm sure he will consider getting ripped off differently next time. Long haul? Check. Huge fee and attitude for wanting to use a credit card? Check. Stinky driver who smokes in the car? Check.

    Why are taxi buffoons on the uber forum anyway?
  6. Kodyhead


    South Floreduh
    I used to think like you but there is a handful of helpful cab drivers like Steve on here, and of course a handful of useless troll cab drivers as well. Once you identify them it gets better

    The truth is we are all the same people lol. And there are plenty of uber drivers that do all the shenanigans cab drivers have a reputation for with exception of the credit card machine broken scam.
  7. Buckiemohawk


    Because we try to educate people like you on how much money your not making. And there is a whole list of Uber scams going from fake cleaning fees, to calling for destination, Doing cash ride trips and what makes you think all cabs stink, most taxis around here are really clean
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  8. LuisEnrikee


    San Diego
    Mhm why would a scammer go 100+ miles rather than going around the city or hell, the highway instead of driving for the same scheme.
    Seems fishy .
  9. FormerTaxiDriver♧


    Run his drunk beehind through the Square CC reader and have him sign it!
  10. U8er


    50m South of 7-Eleven Elwood
    No. It was being charged from 9% to 16% in 10 minutes. ;)
  11. mrpjfresh


    Asheville, NC
    I posted recently that so much of the company's recent behavior just reeks of desperation in regards to acquiring as much money as possible, riders and drivers be damned. Sure, this guy will never use Uber again just as the disillusioned driver wrongfully deactivated, but Uber doesn't care about the daily burning of these single-person bridges. Even the negative PR from these stories has little impact as riders love their cheap and quick rides. Who cares about the underpaid bozo driving them around? Sad state of affairs indeed.
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