Uber ride charged $925


Rick N.

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That means the driver got stiffed, now he needs to call i team witness news and get his money back, it's not any of his fault she requested during a surge and didn't check the fare. F- uber!


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Yet we live in a bigger. And still see no surges. Especially no 8X surge.

I like how the actual spokesman said it was a "perfect storm" cause the PAX changed address.

Begs the question How often does this happen? It might not be 900 dollars everytime but im pretty sure they are doing alot of small skimming on a massive scale.


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Says she got charged 8× the regular fare. Not sure how it works in Chicago but in sure you have to accept the fare first. But my thing is in glad she still tipped the driver lol!

4 stars and 4 dollar trip for a 900 dollar ride

That driver didn't see a penny of that $925 guaranteed. If that lady hadn't said something to the news they would have kept it.
The article mentions once they have been contacted by the news, they refunded her. So yeah they def got scared there
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