Uber Restricting Driver's Income


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Hi There. I know this is a little long and has been talked about before but the dates were over a year ago. When it comes to getting ride requests, and therefor income, I started noticing a bit of a pattern. The days I drive during the week I seemed to be making around the same amount no matter how many hours I put in. Then the thought hit me: Is Uber purposely limiting ride requests to drivers? My personal opinion is "YES!", and here is my reasoning:

I live in a town that has, at the most, 2 other drivers besides myself. From time to time there would be a surge of calls that come in and the screen would turn all different shades of orange or red. So I sit and wait, and wait, and wait ... after about 20 minutes the surge starts to clear up slowly until it disappears completely, and I didn't get 1 ride request! How is this possible? Let's take into account, because I'm not sure how the colors match the surge, that there are 3 of us in town waiting. Let's say 8 ride requests come in and the surge image(s) shows up and you're right in the middle of it where it maybe some shade of red. You would expect a request to come to you within a few minutes, but after 20 minutes you get none. Huh??? Where did all the requests go? Did the other 1 or 2 drivers get all of them?

Here is something that happened today (Nov. 18, 18) that should make you go "Hmmmmmm!?"
I mainly drive in a near by college town that is approximately 12.9 square miles. I just dropped off a rider at about 2:23 am. When the screen reset and the map showed up, it showed about 98 to 99% of the town is surging, many areas in different shades of red (and I was in one of those red areas). I waited 68 minutes for a ride request to finally come my way, and here's the kicker! Even tho the map still showed the area as surging, the request I got was from someone that was 16 minutes away in another town! WTF!!!

This isn't the first time something like this has happened, and I'm talking about both scenarios. Now ... with all that off my chest, this is what I will be doing and I request others do this also so a case can be built up against Uber for doing underhanded business practices.

1. Whenever I see the screen change to show a surge in an area that I'm sitting in, I will be taking a screen shot of it. Once, or if, I get a request, I will take another screen shot showing the amount of time that has lapsed between when the surge started and when I get a request. No point in doing this if you actually get a request within 5 minutes.

2. If I don't get a request and the screen starts clearing up, I will take another screen shot then maybe one more when the screen clears. To prove that you were not given a trip between those times will show in your transaction report. The dates and times can be matched up to show when and at what time requests were sent to you.

With enough drivers documenting events like this, it could help to prove that Uber is conducting unfair or unethical business practices. Something like this also effects the riders themselves. Uber would be creating 'false' surges in order to get more money out of the riders. Since the Rider App only shows only 4 vehicles that would be close to the rider, the illusion would be that there are not many drivers available and thus the rates go up for the rider because the requests out number the drivers.

This has been my experience with Uber so far and I feel very resentful that Uber could be doing this.


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Given that uber was born with the idea of ignoring government regulations and ordering fake rides then canceling from Lyft, it's probably not right to expect them to take the moral high ground. They haven't so far. Welcome to driving!