Uber Removing an Issue from my account...AMAZING!!


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Had a PAX, and i know which one as i also gave him a 1, that had placed an issue of professionalism on my account and Uber removed it without even me having to try, probably unsuccessfully, to get this removed.
Anybody had the same experience??


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..and it looks like they removed his low rating as well from my score...LOL


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I'd be super surprised if Uber removed the issue AND deleted the one star without any prompting ...that would be pro-active, something not in Uber dictionary
Uber standard response generically is that they 'don't and won't change trip ratings'
My thought is similar to previous post, that the rider has prompted the retraction...riders and drivers can easily revise their ratings for trips anytime after the initial rating.... and I'm guessing there's an 'edit' feature for issues lodged by riders ...
maybe time to revise your rating of the rider then?