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Can I put tlc plate on my wife's car if I'm under her insurance ?

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I have my TLC for over a year now.i was renting a car for all this time.my wife has a 2012 Camry is under her name I'm also include in the insurance as a driver can I register my wife car for uber even though is under her name .she doesn't have TLC license she no longer using the Camry. Can someone help me out


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Yes you can. Your wife can own a TLC registered vehicle without having a TLC licence. She can get this car insured under her name and put you as a driver, she would have to sign a power of attorney, to let you represent her in the TLC office. If you have a marriage certificate, you can get insurance under your name and the only thing your wife would need to do, is sign a registration form at the DMV, the car would be registered under your name.


Absolutely yes!!! simple process indeed. Your wife will not have to be on the insurance nor on the registration. A caring and professional insurance broker will explain all the process to you about the insurance (only need marriage certificate), and on dmv you fill out the standard form mv-82. On the form you fill the registrant part and she fills the second part which says to be filled by owner if different then registrant. You will need to take the actual Title to dmv. If i may suggest go to staten Island dmv on South Ave. its just so much better and faster. Btw I've been using Lone Star Brokerage (718-204-5050) for almost 10 years, never a problem. Good Luck
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