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Uber ratings on app not working

Discussion in 'Ratings' started by Kerplunkenstein, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Kerplunkenstein

    Kerplunkenstein Well-Known Member

    new jersey
    Whenever I attempt to pull up my ratings on the app, I get "Hmmm, looks like we're having trouble reaching the Uber services"

    I've updated my app and still no work. Please help
  2. Driving and Driven

    Driving and Driven Well-Known Member

    Server glitch. Just wait it out.
  3. Gordiano

    Gordiano Active Member

    In your mind
    Just like how I go to check my "earnings", and god forbid they are ever added to the total. So frustrating, on Lyft they add it immediately.... ****ing Uber!

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