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Uber rates for Drivers


New Member
I was under the impression that the split was 80/20 judging from my earnings that is not the case? for a 5 dollar ride Im getting 3.20


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Uber says min fare is $4.00 and their cut is 20%, but both are lies.

first, they take $1.00 Stupid Rider Fee (SRF) from the top.

And from the remaining $3.00 they take another 20% leaving you a whopping $2.40 to cover all your time and expenses.

and when a pax in pure ignorance bordering criminal intent says "tips are included, right?" you just lose it each time this happens.. and you hate it that people are so manipulative and ignorant.

Dustin b

New Member
they do have incentives. Based on how much you make per week they adjust the earning goals. BUT if your goal is 250 and they say you get 10% back, the fine print says you get 10% of anything OVER 250. SO if you make 260.00 you get 1.00 incentive, awesome program huh?