UBER Rage !!! Coming soon if things don't change.


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It's ironic that the big shots at UBER don't realize the drivers are the ones that can make them or break them. We can go the extra mile and be friendly, help with baggage, drive safely Ect ..... What if an UBER driver finally has enough. Car is about to break, bills overdo, girlfriend / spouse gone, tired of all the happy PAX. Heard of road rage? I see something much worse on the horizon. UBER rage !!!! Maybe driver loses it and crashes on purpose or drives like a maniac, becomes a thief and exploits passengers or homes of passengers . Another possibility Cabbies or Uber black drivers attack, protest , vandalize any UBER X drivers / cars. UBER X is a games changer and we as drivers are in the frontlines. We are sent into battle and our bosses really don't care if we make it or not. The bosses know they can get 1000s of more just like us. Be careful UBER a revolution is coming if you continue.


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find me a fast food job I can make my own hours, go on a trip than when I get back clock in from the airport
Than I will apply
But isn't the point to make money? If a driver "loses it" because he/she chose to go online and then all of the things happen in the original post... There is no excuse


Oh Boy! This post is kind of scary. I think it helps to change my strategy from time to time and try new things.
Also, I know that staying positive helps me plan my day better. Remember, this is your business. Make sure you run it like a business.

Don't give up! :smiles: