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Uber Quick Excessive Growth

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by UberReallySucks, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. Another thing that grows excessively, relatively quickly is CANCER... And just like Cancer, Uber will try to destroy everything around it before it finally destroys itself.

    First order of business: Destroy the cab companies with continuous price cuts
    Second order of business: Destroy similar ride-share companies with continuous price cuts
    Third order of business: Destroy all "partner-drivers" with "Less is more strategies" and continuous price cuts.

    So just like Cancer, Uber is keen to continue on its excessive growth ... destroying everything in its path including the very organisms that allow it to grow. In this case those organisms are the drivers and that strategy will ultimately cause its own demise... because sooner or later the dumbest of the dumb will realize that partnering up with UBER is not in anyway beneficial to them or they will simply not be able to afford that partnership....

    It all comes down to a lack of honesty, and integrity from this company and shattered hopes and dreams for the many so called "partner-drivers" that depend on it for their livelihood.

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  3. I think they'll be able to stay afloat for some time, however. If drivers become disgruntled and start to quit, more fares for those who remain, and thus more money in their pockets. And if that doesn't do it, they can just raise the fare cost a bit and pay drivers more and, whammo, there's more of an incentive to drive for them.

    It seems like they're trying to balance paying drivers as little as possible to do the amount of work that will make the company the maximum amount of money.

    Gotta love capitalism
  4. bestpals


    As numerous posts on this site show, there are plenty of drivers who are happy no matter what the rate is. I keep wondering what drug these idiots are on but as long as there are around unfortunately uber is going nowhere. Long live uber SLAVERY!!!!!!!
  5. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    Capitalism loves American ignorance. That's why everyday with Uber is Valentine's Day.
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  7. OneDay


    They are using the drivers for data that will be used for driverless cars.
  8. William1964


    Cancer is actually a cell to an abnormal growth whether it's excessive or not.

    The cancer is caused by skipping all the lies having politicians and mayoral politicians sneaking around the Public's back and allowing businesses to break the law for the money grab

    I'm one who will blame regulations. Uber hates regulations stunt their growth yet they regulate me like I was a clock

    Stunting my growth while expanding theirs.

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