Uber Pro and Canceling Ride After Starting Trip.


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So Before when We had to end the trip or cancle because it was a 44 min Ride to Oakland , we were giving a Simple step of doing so. "End Trip" "Do not Charge Rider" etc.

Is it as easy to do so with the new App? Haven't had to cancel yet after seeing the destination since the new Uber Pro. Just want to be Ready for it...

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You mean the new app that came out like a year ago? If so, then yes, same thing. Idk if it's my device or the app lately, but it's less smooth now. Start trip, end trip, then it has an option to cancel or continue. Tap cancel & the screen seems frozen until the 5th tap when it goes to list of reasons. Frozen again, keep tapping. Then it asks again, cancel or continue ride. Sometimes it'll not work & go back to the ride so you have to end it again. Tricky cuz the rider was about to grab the door, so ur driving away, but you don't want to go to far before it finally lets you end the ride, or it may turn into a min fare trip.

But yes, you can still start & then cancel. It's even worse with Pool. But again, maybe my device is the reason I have trouble. It used to be a little smoother. I haven't updated the app in months though, so, Idk. Usually it doesn't matter. The app gets changes whether you update or not.


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Same experience here - guess they want to make it very difficult to cancel a trip.