Uber Price Shares At 45 Dollars.


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"At the IPO price of $45 per share, Uber has an implied market valuation of $82.4 billion on a fully diluted basis"

So POP or Poo?
It’s a ridiculously high valuation but it will be greeted as a good deal because they came out with a lower price per share than Lyft. Once again Uber will win the manipulation game.


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ZERO interest, drivers have ZERO shares.
they gave drivers a crappy deal on appreciation awards!


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By Christmas Uber will tank to under 20 per/sh, and I’m being optimistic. As long as Uber bleeds green investors will only tolerate it for one to two quarters. Uber needs real management to succeed, not a bunch of con men milking the assets to enrich themselves.
Uber can’t realistically turn a profit with its current business model, drivers are the life blood of rideshare, yesterday proved one thing, drivers will eventually leave and Uber’s reputation how they screwed drivers will be hard to overcome. The only people who will drive for Uber will be those who are basically uneducated, cannot speak English which is already pissing passengers off.
Another point is another rideshare service will be competition in the very near future, this will siphon off the drivers that tried to be dedicated and were screwed, so Uber’s days are numbered, it’s just a matter of time.


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"At the IPO price of $45 per share, Uber has an implied market valuation of $82.4 billion on a fully diluted basis"

So POP or Poo?

Uber will raise $8 billion and price its IPO at $45 per share, said a person with knowledge of the matter, meaning it is valued at $76 billion, excluding unvested RSUs.

But most importantly.... - The IPO price means thousands of Uber employees who in the past three years received restricted stock valued at $48.77 apiece may not benefit from the IPO as much as they expected, at least initially. And many investors like the Saudi sovereign wealth fund who paid for shares at that price three years ago are underwater at the moment.


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While I wish that were true, as it would make all their stupidity so simple to understand, all they really are are just poorly mismanaged taxi companies.
Customers FULLFILLED ?...Yes.
Drivers shortage ?...No.

So, how come Uber is mismanaged ?

The stock price to da moon !


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Austin Geidt, an early Uber employee who joined the company in 2010 and works in its autonomous vehicles division,
? rang the NYSE opening bell Friday alongside executives as well as Uber drivers from Los Angeles, London and Sydney.

While a video showing how Uber operates around the world played on big screens, co-founder Travis Kalanick watched from a nearby balcony with his father beside him.