Uber Premium


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Does anyone in here drive for Uber Premium (Sedan or SUV)? How is the demand in CT? Is the pay worth it? Do you consistently get fares? How often and what type of customers do you get? (I'm assuming more corporate/rich people. I'm currently driving for Uber X and XL with my SUV, the fares keep getting lower and lower, most of which are $3.00 and change trips, and due to the over saturation in the Hartford area, my take home is less and less when factoring in gas. I'm thinking of upgrading my vehicle to a "Premium" vehicle, but I want to be sure that It'll at least be worth it. Also, if you own a "Premium" vehicle, do you still get Uber X and XL requests in between "Premium" fares?


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Very little. Central CT is one of the cheapest places in earth. No tips. Even those that can easily afford it take X.


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It's not worth to "upgrade" just for Uber. There is demand in Fairfield County but only at certain times and places and yes the fares are very much worth it. In Hartford area you will not get much in Premium requests. I've gotten them at the airport and in Glastonbury, but I can count those on one hand.