Uber Premium and Premium SUV


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Anyone have any idea when Uber will begin support of these better paying services in Upstate-NY?
Updated rates for X, XL, etc. here.

Both are already supported in NYC-Suburbs (Westchester & Rockland counties).
Also in NYC-Suburbs, Lyft supports Premier, equivalent to Premium, but not Premier SUV.

For rates and lots more see https://uberpeople.net/threads/uberpremium.184368/
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They also have had an 18 month jump on Upstate and to be honest, more of a market for those services than Upstate NY.


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I have a nice sedan that might qualify for one of the higher tiers. I would use it for them because I believe the passengers would probably be better, and I would keep a pristine interior because they are paying for it. I'm not sure the car would go, though. I think select is better than x but below premium?

I know in some markets select is accessible to so many cars that, like everything else, it is over-saturated. Not sure why uber wouldn't at least make it an option. But most of the people I drive are frankly too poor to own an automobile (airport and business users are a small minority), so they'd never pay for anything, and they also don't tip. So you'd probably end up driving your nice car around giving people a free upgrade from uberX. And you'll get the occasional 4 star anyway from these people just because they have a hole inside that will never be filled.