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Uber prankster apologises for costly dead body hoax

Discussion in 'News' started by BurgerTiime, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. BurgerTiime



    One of the pranksters behind an Uber murder hoax that sparked a $30,000 police investigation in Brisbane earlier this week has apologised for his actions, saying he "didn't plan for it to end like that".

    "It was just one of those pranks that went out of proportion," Christopher Matecki told 9NEWS.

    Mr Matecki ordered an Uber to a unit complex on Oxley Road, Sherwood in Brisbane's south at 9.30pm on Tuesday night and attempted to put what the driver believed was a body in the boot of the car.
  2. Uber's Guber

    Uber's Guber

    United States
    “‘The guy must have been blind,’ he said. ‘I told him it was a prank and he just looked at me, like he didn't know any English.’”

    :rolleyes: Probably so..... many Uber drivers don’t know English.
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