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Uber pope text

I assume u guys got the text about the pope going to philly, am I the only one who thinks uber is absolutely @@@@@@ed for trying to get drivers to sit in what people are saying will basically be massive gridlock anywhere near philly , roads and bridges will be closed , and the riders won't have any clue what's happening so they will just request to go into the city, and to be honest , if any driver is stupid enough to even attempt driving down there , they deserve to sit in traffic for a couple days

Chi Bones

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The popemobile has signed up with Uber and will be accepting rides on Sunday after Mass. Here is your chance to ride with the pope through Philadelphia. Expect surge pricing as there will be huge demand for a ride with the pope. Drivers should flock to the cathedral to get the riders the pope can't. All drivers should stop at the office first to pick up special bags of "pope-corn" which have been blessed by the pope through an exclusive marketing arrangement. Give riders the pope-corn and enjoy as they scatter it throughout your car. Viva Papa! Viva Uber!


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YES! If you can only learn one thing in life...that one thing is to KNOW to NEVER pay attention to Uber text messages and emails. Do exactly the opposite of what it says. If it says go to the shore, dont go there or at least not on the day they say to go. If it says tonight is going to be a busy night stay in.
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