Uber pool


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I got a message in app that they were improving uber pool today and they detailed they changes. Was weird. Maybe a fluke.


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Got the message about Pool improvements. I just hope we never get the actual Pool service (or Poo as many call it), improved or not.

Matthew Thomas

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No Screwber BETTER NOT bring FOOL to Detroit/A2!!!! I used to drive in shitcago where they have that BS and fool is complete trash!!! You will spend 30 minutes or more picking up and dropping off people in traffic only to make $15 AT MOST AFTER ALL THAT WORK!!!!!!

Also fool reduces the number of rides for other drivers which will result in increased downtime and reduced surges. F*** UBERFOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Here in Chicago, they announced that drivers will get an extra $1 for each extra pickup.

I couldn't stop laughing.