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Uber pool optional

Casuale Haberdasher

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This is in response to some of you telling me that Uber pool is mandatory. I never on boarded to the Uber pool nonsense. It's been going on for over a month now I believe. I still have not received an Uber pool fare. Today I received this text from Uber,asking me to sign up. Note that it's not a mandate.
POST # 1/Boston Guber: "Ahoy!" & Wel-
come to the UP.Net Forums
from Wicked-Balmy-at-Sunset Marco Is-land, on Florida's Wild SSW Coast.

First, Thank You for Your Service to the
Country! That APC isn't dressed out in
"Sandbox" Camo...maneuvers in a Nor-
thern Clime ?

Sorry, I've been very intro-
spective since the V.P.'s Emotional Appear-ance on The Late Show, last night, with Stephen Colbert doing perhaps his Finest Interview, of a clearly still grieving father.
Today's Sad Anniversary only added to the
Depth of Contemplation.

I AM happy to see that, based upon Your
Screenshot, Troglodyte Travis is FOR ONCE
considering the "Honey vs. Vinegar" appro-
ach on the "Loss-for-Drivers" Product that
Acerbic Bostonian Bison nicknamed as
"#[F]UberFool." Resistance to the for-Rasier-ONLY-money-maker has been Loud and Persistant, with hundreds of Threads discussing How-to-Avoid-It....especially in the LA/OC and NYC Forums.

I'm SURE that we will talk further on
this and Other Topics. Meanwhile,
Great Threadstarter here! Keep up the
Good Work.

Bison Admires.
Bison Inspires!


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You probably haven't received an Uber Pool ride because you haven't done the on boarding... pretty sure they take all your information when you do the on boarding and set you eligible to receive pax requesting uber pool fares

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