Uber pool new rates - the fine print


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Need to read the fine print.

it isn't 50 cents per additional pickup. it's 50 cents "per pick up location".

let's say you have a pickup at the airport for pool. one pax gets in at Terminal A, then you have two more pool requests at the airport... and both pickups happen to be in terminal B.

it's only ONE 50 cent add-on... because pings 2 and 3 are at the same location.

or, let's say you pickup one pool pax on Main at, and two more pool pings come in for a street in Brewerytown. if pings 2 and 3 are at the same corner, you only get ONE 50 cent add-on.

the odds of this happening are slim. but just want everybody to know what the fine print is.
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That's a real stretch.
In over 3000 rides, this has never happened to me.

It's rare but I've gotten them, usually if it's something like a concert or something (not the big shows although I don't do pool there so who knows, but like electric factory or trocadero or something). I think he's misinterpreting the fine print though


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I don't need to read the fine print to know its a complete and total joke. I guess I'll continue to only accept pools if it's really slow or high surge and hit stop new requests. I hope they don't remove that option.


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Who ever does pool at phl.. or concert .. is not too smart

Like I said, I've done them at small shows that don't result in any surges anyway. But if you take a pool at a show at Wells Fargo you don't know how to do this job. Especially if it's no surge