Uber Pool =Mad People ( incl. me


Did my first pool run this morning.Just what is this thing anyway? It seems that it is touted as a deal for the rider, however it causes them nothing but aggravation and delays. Along with picking people up every few minutes it also causes the GPS to go nuts, keep re-navigating to new directions causing many sighs from People like I know its Pool but it usually isnt this busy
Questions asked were-
1. I think you GPS is off, Here , here are MY directions to MY stop.
2. Can you cancel your upcoming rider , there is already 2 in here besides you.
3 wouldnt have it been easier to drop me off first, before I had to go this other way ( and truth be told usually it was)
4.I would have rather just had Uber X

My 2%
It should be called Whirlpool!
Pools are for fools


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Pool is only good for bonuses that include number of rides quota because each passenger in a pool counts as a separate trip.


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You got that right. Now stop accepting them, or cancel if you had accepted it without knowing, like I and many others do. If riders have difficulty getting a pool ride, they'll stop requesting pool and use X.
But haven't we read situations here where riders really tried getting X, but we're re-routed to Pool?

Is that really possible?


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Does anyone know if the cities/towns included in the Uber Pool area has been expanded? I have been driving very sparingly the last few months. I had an Uber X pick up in Cambridge and the drop off location was Lahey Hospital in Burlington. After my drop off I got a ping nearby but it said Pool and I did not accept it. I then got another request from Woburn and it also was a Pool request that I did not accept.

I looked on the Uber website but did not see that these cities were part of the Uber Pool pick up area.