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Uber pool fuk up

Discussion in 'Boston' started by Don tran, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Don tran

    Don tran

    Today i had a ride from alewife station to cambridge. The trip is about 3 miles and 15 mins at 1.7x. As I calculate, the trip should be at least $15 =(3*1.25+15*.25)*1.7 + 2 (pickup fee) +1.5 (rider fee). After I drover 1 mile, i got 2nd ping to convention center. The 2nd trip is at least 6 miles and 20 mins. The 2nd trip fare should be (20*.25+6*1.25) +2+1.5= $16.. After i drop off the 1st one, i picked the 3rd one to the convention center too. The trip is 3 miles and 16 mins at 1.5x. The 3rd trip fare should be (3*1.25+16*.25)*1.5+2+1.5=$15.

    Totally, i would got $46 if i ride for uberx. I know i was driving for uber pool. So as uber tells customer of 30% off in compared with uber x. Let take out 30% of $46. It is $32.2 before deductible. However, uber paid me $27 before deductible. I got almost $20 for 3 rides from alewife station to convention center. Thats made me so upset.

    Let take an example, i have 1 uber x from alewife to convention center at 1.0x. 45 mins, and 7 miles.
    The fare should be $23.5 before deductible. I would get $17.6. $3 less than taking 3 fuking uber pool but i dont need to drive around to pick up 2 others and stop 2 time and wait for them.

    No more uber pool for me. Fuk u pool
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  2. BostonBarry


    Boston, MA
    1) Your rates are wrong for Boston. $1.24/mile, $0.16/minute, $2 base, and $1 SRF.

    2) I'm assuming you're using mileage and minutes measured in hindsight. Meaning you weren't tracking your miles from beginning of first trip to end of last trip. Instead you went into Google Maps and entered each trip to get the info. This isn't accurate as the time of day you drive affects the minutes charged and you also aren't calculating time for travel to pickup pax 2 and 3.

    3) You seem to not understand how you are paid on POOL. From the moment you pickup pax 1 you are being paid for ONE $2 base fare and regular UberX rates for minutes, miles, and tolls. This includes being paid to travel to and wait for pax 2 and pax 3. Because you are being paid to travel, there is no additional $2 base for pax 2 and pax 3.

    If pax 1, 2, and 3 are in different surge zones (or no surge) you will ONLY be paid the surge rate for the leg of trip related to the rider who was in the surge zone. I've not had any luck getting Uber to explain what constitutes a "leg" when calculating fares, but I think it goes like this:

    Pickup Pax 1, surge 1.7, get paid 1.7 to travel to Pax 2
    Pickup Pax 2, surge 1.2, get paid 1.2 to travel to drop off Pax 1 and pickup Pax 3
    Pickup Pax 3, no surge, get paid 1.2 to drop off Pax 2
    Get paid no surge to drop off Pax 3.

    Safe Rider Fees should not be used in calculating fares as it is a wash (you get paid for it and then they debit for it, if you see an unequal SRF on your statement you should definitely bring that to attention.
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  3. hmmmmm


    If i had a 1.7 surge there is no way i would accept a second rider request. I would only accept a second rider if the surge was at least 0.5x higher than the first. I suggest you follow this method to maximize profits :)
  4. POST # 1/Don tranDon tran: Please try to use any
    500,000 words-in-English to convey Your
    Disgust. Just seeing that Thinly Veiled
    Substitute causes MANY READERS TO
    IGNORE YOU, thus invalidating Your

    If TRULY NEEDED, it is acceptable to
    write that "#[F]UberFool is F.U.B.A.R."
    which MOST MEMBERS understand.

    BTW: Avoid "Pool"...don't be a "Fool".
    If #[F]Uber is "excited about" it, then
    it's GUARANTEED BAD for Drivers.
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  5. POST # 2/BostonBarryBostonBarry: Thank You for
    the Perfect-for-
    NUberers, paint-by-numbers explanation
    of this Foolhardy Attempt to Replace
    Public Transportation by Further Impov-
    erishing the Drivership.


    #[F]Uber wants "IC" when it benefits them.
    They want"Employee"when it's good-4-'em.

    Mentoring Bison: Ever Vigilant.
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  6. Choochie


    FYI, the rate/min is .16 and up to $1.24/mi. Enjoy!
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  7. POST # 6/ChoochieChoochie: H E Y ! You nevah
    "dished the deets"
    on the Sumptuous MetroWestachusetts
    Propaganda Luncheon that #[F]Uber
    out on a while back theah.

    Mentoring Bison: Keepin' tabs!

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