Uber Plus Q beta 2 don't use it


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I know the saying in the IT world is don't use beta software on production Hardware but I really wanted to give it a try.

So I join the beta program and installed the beta. Everything seemed fine so I thought I was good. Drove a short Uber ride and then another. Noticed the Uber app was having trouble telling when I was arrived even though my location was being shown right on top of the destination.

Then I drive a decent XL ride where I should have made some good money and I actually made very little. I take a look at the trip details and I see that I was paid only the base rate and time, mileage was 0, I check all my other rides and the distance on them was 0 again.

So I called Uber and have them adjust my fares and then find some good Wi-Fi and revert back to the staple Android release pie