Uber Peak Times Conspiracy


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Every week I get a text from Uber telling me about how I need to sign up for the guaranteed hourly weekend rates during peak times.

What I find really frustrating is that there is also a minimum of 4 rides required to get paid.

And each time I drive during these peak times that I've committed to, I find that getting a ride requires about 45 min to an hour of waiting between rides.

Even in the middle of downtown (ATX for me).

Do you think it is possible that Uber corporate has conspired to guarantee their customer's waiting times are minimal, while ensuring that they don't loose too much of their bottom line as they screw over their driver's who aren't aware that they most likely won't meet their minimums in order to get paid?

Or am I alone on this?


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You are not alone. That is why I do not opt in to their guarantees. If by chance, you DO make the minimum rides, some asshat pax dings you with a low rating and poof! there goes your guarantees. Not worth the effort. I filed their guarantees right next to BS surges.