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Uber Paxs love everything about UBER except one little thing...

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by UberReallySucks, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. I once had the pleasure of delivering an old hag with her 3 daughters to a concert venue, where the cheapest ticket was going for 180 dollars a pop.
    The conversation led us to the rates and how Uber keeps cutting them at the expense of lowering the standards and requirements to bring on new drivers.
    I mentioned how a driver now is only required to have an old 2000 clunker to be an Uber Partner Driver and how that was unfair to the rest of us who had new, more comfortable, safer, and smoother rides.
    You know what the old hag said?
    She said: "well, you always have the option to switch to an older car."
    That was mind boggling to me. I knew right there and then, that these riders could not care less about drivers dissatisfaction, or what was fair or unfair.
    All they cared about is the convenience and cost of of an UBER ride... this new genius and phenomenon of an APP that allowed you to get a driver at the push of a button in minutes to your door step...
    98 % of the Uber riders feel that same way. They don't give a rat's ass about the App impoverished driver. As a matter of fact, some of them even enjoy in some sort of twisted way torturing the poor guy / girl.
    Those are the same 98% that never would get it through their thick skulls that it is impossible for a fare that cheap to include a gratuity... regardless of how Uber defines it; seamless - cashless etc...
    You know after talking to hundreds of these self entitled idiots, I found out that there is one and only ONE thing they don't like about UBER and that's Surge pricing.
    So that's what a 'rival" company should exploit against UBER: Higher standards, newer cars, straightforward fair rates, no surge pricing ever, and let's not forget an insurance that actually covers you 100% of the time all the time... not possibly or maybe...

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  2. python134r


    Delray Beach Florida
    I feel your pain
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  3. mizzrock


    San Francisco
    Many have expressed interest in a flat monthly rate as opposed to surge. Which I can understand surge not being cool. (I'm a driver) but I'm also working class and if I'm not paying attention a ride could go from $15 (I'd add $5 tip) to $35 and I'd be unable to buy dinner that night or something. These folks have money to dispose of, but why put all their money down the Uber shute? Ever since 2008 everyone's realizing the dollar doesn't go far. How would you feel if your income was salaried and not expected to be raised anytime soon? You budget for entertainment, bills, etc. Uber is a bill but how'd you budget it if it fluctuates? (Surges). The utilities bill (gas, water) fluctuates but that is rare and you can control that fluctuation. Uber surge you cannot control. You either need a ride or you don't. Some pax have time for the surge game but many don't.

    I'd create a service like uber and lyft but pax pay monthly for quality service (or bi monthly) and employees are paid weekly. Only issue, not everyone could drive for my service because unlike uber I'm making them w-2 employees.

    Hmm.. that's ubers only corner is they can employ unlimited amounts while other companies cannot.

  4. That's why I cancel on a dime. If I see 3 or 4 riders I cancel and drive on. If I see someone that appears to be drunk...cancel. I once picked up 4 guys which were about 200 lbs each ... I'm 180. That's almost a half ton in my car. No more. If I see a dog. cancel. If I see someone that looks like a jerk... cancel Someone eating food or has a drink of any type. Cancel drive on. Baby or small child.... cancel.
  5. danahhoh


    dayton oh
    Must be nice to be able to cancel all those type riders. I'm in a small uber market. Often i can be on line 4-5 hours from 4-9 pm and get no pings wkdays. 2 or 3 on a sunday is good. Often a fare is 15 min away unless your on the college campus which equates to 4 buck rides that are drunk wanting 4 to 5 in my 3 seat belt car.
    Consider yourself lucky. If i cancelled what you do i would have nothing
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  6. Holy crap. Find something else to make money with. Damn! I feel for ya.
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  7. Another Uber Driver

    Another Uber Driver Moderator

    See avatar
    The only thing about which the consumer cares is that he summons the ride, the ride shows up, the car is sound and clean, the driver takes him where he is going in a timely and efficient manner. He does not care about the details, nor can you expect him to do so. He wants the product, he buys the product, he receives the product. That is the only thing about which the consumer cares.

    Uber has sold UberX to the public as something-for-next-to-nothing. The public has bought it. When the time comes that the public actually must pay something for something, it feels that someone has lied to it and is cheating it. As the user can not take out his frustrations on a smart telephone or an application, he takes it out on the only human being with which he comes into contact: his driver.
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  8. 331303


    Sidecar already tried that. except the insurance 100% of the time.
  9. If a company is creative, they CAN think of ways to outplay Uber in this game while also paying drivers more. Lyft is in the best position to do this, but I have absolutely no belief that they will even consider it, since I've always said they're even bigger idiots than Uber and I believe in the next 12 months, the idiots will be history.
  10. Unfair? Cry me a river.

    Do you have to pay for a city plate? Nope.

    Do you have to pay for a city permit? Nope.

    Do you have to pay for 24/7 commercial coverage? Nope.

    Do you have to pay a gate fee to pick up at the airport? Nope.

    Yet you people still whine and complain. What IS your malfunction?
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  11. Papa


    Atlanta, Georgia
    Maybe one should consider the profitability of the endeavor???
  12. toi


    Santa Barbara
    the way most see that "if he is agreeing to work at this rate it is not my problem"
    which in essence is true. why the fuq should they care.
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  13. XUberMike


    Sweet So Cal
    Surge pricing= Happy Hour, Early Birds in reverse.

    You will not get enough drivers to work (when & where they don't want to) with a fixed price. Do I really want to haul a drunk (that could hurl anytime) at 3 am for anything but $2.50 or more a mile...hell no, won't do it. How about driving rush hour traffic (and thru rush hour traffic to get their butt) at a buck a mile and 20 cents a minute...hell no ain't happening.

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