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Uber passengers suck!!!!

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by August1, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. August1


    San Diego
    Last week, my weekly rating was 4.61. My average dropped to 4.78. It's still pretty ****in high but not for uber. I have no idea why! I kiss all of my fares asses and I know I didn't rate many people badly and the lowest rating I did give out was one "three star". It sucks to know that these people I had nice conversations with and rated well didn't like me for some reason. I think it's time for me to get ruthless with the rating.
    I've met plenty of people who have a rule, that no matter what, the highest rating they give is four stars, unless you give them a massage and take their trash to street for them. Completely ridiculous! Passengers have no idea what stars mean for us and I feel like most of them don't know they get rated too.
    I keep my car clean, I have an auxiliary cord, I say hey and how's it going, I do my best to please these very needy uber riders, I have water...etc.

    I think part of it has to do with map issues. Lately, the pick up location has been wrong for most of the time. It really pisses me off and it annoys most riders.

    I just wanted to say this here so I could hear some stories or what ever else.
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  2. Einstein


    Don't let it get to you. The rating system is a farce. I try not to pay attention to ratings, but I admit it pisses me off sometimes.
    One suggestion: stop providing water. Riders are needy because Uber trains its drivers to make them needy. For the price, your pax do not deserve any extras from the driver. Let Uber send them complimentary water bottles to their homes to take on their next ride.
  3. RachelD


    I hear you :( I've been hating this too lately. AND, I also have been having pickup location issues with the app, which I believe are the result of the pax not putting the pin in the right location or the right address. But, we're at fault in their minds.
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  4. UberXTampa


    It appears you have identified one area you might need to work on.

    Remember, if 1 out of 10 people on average give you a 1 star, you are a 4.6.

    When in doubt, send prepared text messages that ask for confirmation of address/place/pickup location.
    If you get an irate customer, abort pickup.
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  5. BramasoleATX


    I text almost every passenger once I accept the ping to confirm the address and once the text is on its way then start driving to them. Quite often, as we know, the address is wrong and they will text back or call in the correct info so by the time I arrive it is not a major issue as it is usually only off a block or so.
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