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Uber passengers and not just Uber delivery

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Wasserlasser, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone,

    when I set up my account, I set it up only as delivery.
    Then I added a second car to my account which has all the info like license plate etc. (the first one does not have that, it only says delivery where the license plate would be).
    Now I have been driving for three days with the new car that has the license plate added to the account but have never received a passenger request. Is there anything else I need to do? I just signed up a couple of days ago and have done 17 deliveries so far but no passengers.

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  2. Go to your Greenlight hub.
    Bring Donuts.
    Tell them.
    They will fix it.
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  3. Check your trip preferences.

    Screenshot_20180417-131835_Uber Driver.jpg Screenshot_20180417-131857_Uber Driver.jpg Screenshot_20180417-131915_Uber Driver.jpg
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  4. My app looks nothing like that.

    First, I assume you have an iPhone while I use Android.
    Second, it looks like this
  5. dogmeat


    Does anyone else find it strange that both phones are at 86%?
  6. No, galaxy 8.

    You apparently are not signed up for it.

    Try this.

    Screenshot_20180417-134810_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20180417-134229_Uber Driver.jpg Screenshot_20180417-134330_Uber Driver.jpg
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  7. I can sign up for Uber Eats which I have already done and I'm delivering already

    Screenshot_20180417-112521_Uber Driver.jpg
  8. MHR

    MHR Moderator

    Green Light Hub. You coulda been done by now.
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  9. 86 IT !

    Life . . . irony Everywhere !


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  10. What is the Green Light Hub?
  11. Cdub2k


    New Orleans
  12. Well that is peculiar.

    Try this..

    Help>account and payments> change account settings > I have a different account issue. Screenshot_20180417-151428_Uber Driver.jpg

    You can then type a message to them. Keep it short and simple. I am an ears driver I want to drive uber x how can I do that?
  13. Thanks, I did that and now let's see what happens.
    Appreciate the help!
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  14. Coachman


    When you turn on the rider app can you see your car?
  15. No, I do not see my car in the rider app
  16. I compared my app to another drivers app and I don't have the menu on top. Not sure if it needs some kind of activation or what the deal is.
    Waiting for Uber to respond

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