Uber partnering with TomTom?


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Read this in Wikipedia:
Late 2015, TomTom extended its deal with Apple and signed a new contract with international transportation network company Uber. The Uber driver app now uses TomTom maps and traffic data in 300 cities worldwide.[4]

I only see two options in the app: Google Maps and Waze. Have used Maps until now, but would gladly give TomTom a try. I actually have several GPS systems installed in my phone. I have HERE, IGO (Primo and Nextgen), TomTom and the ubiquitous Google Maps. Maps does the job, but it's lacking in many aspects. My favorite is IGO (can use Here and TomTom maps), but it's just easier to hit "Navigate".


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Hi there - I'm pretty new to Uber driving - and one thing that has frustrated me enormously is that the Uber Partner App will not swap out to any of the alternate mappers - it does nothing. I too have Tomtom and would love the collaboration there - but I can't even get it to swap out to Google or Waze.

Any thoughts appreciated

Cheers - Brent


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Yep thankyou - that is clear - my problem is that the app doesn't swap out to the partner app when a destination is entered (if I have Google selected for instance). Or, if I have the "ask each time" set, I have never been asked!

Its odd - and an odd dilemma to search for answers to! I'm using an iPhone 6+ if that could have any bearing. I've asked Uber support - but no solution.
I might post it as a question in Technology as I haven't seen it listed in the forums yet.

Cheers - Brent


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Which ios version?
1.delete uber partner app and install again from t. uber com / ios ---->remove spices
2. put your device in DFU mode (theiphonewiki com /wiki / DFU_Mode) ---> remove spices

try this.