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I've been trying to get my INSTANT PAYMENT activated in my account since they came up with this feature. Since I had a GoBank Account before they enabled INSTANT PAYMENT, I had to close it because GoBank (which also sucks) told me I needed to close that account before opening the Uber/GoBank Account. Ever since I get this message (see photo screen grab) and I have written dozens of emails to both Uber and GoBank and nothing seems to work. Last one I got was from some dude that could barely type in English (probably someone in India paid cents per hour). I am about to give up...
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I recently went off on Support myself. Told them that they didn't read my message. It was a complaint about a rider who fit 5 people in the car, and I suggested they add a fee for that to dissuade people from doing this. The support message back was saying that cancelled rides don't count against driver ratings. And after I went off, the response I got was riddled with misspellings. I almost went to the office for the first time to show someone there how bad it was. It might be worth doing in this case for you?


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No body in uber land care about how drivers feel. At least with lyft you get some sort of support by doing out door community meeting with drivers and staff or sending you happy birth day wishes. Uber is complete Wall Street corporate blood sucking my way or the highway. And yes we driving uber pax for $3 ride. How can you win like this? I know because there is sucker born every minute.