Uber Partner App - Caught showing surge for at least a few minutes today!


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I noticed that a few times, love the past few months...the will light those areas up with a 1.5x surge, but if you go on the passenger app, it has the surge (if you look at the minimum fee) but no vehicles available. Once there is one vehicle in the area, the surge disappears...not sure if thats the case now with the summer here...I don't have access to the X platform anymore to look.


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Point Pleasant Beach and going south showed the same surge on the 4th in the evening around the time of the fireworks. First time I've seen a posted Shore surge since they raised the rates.


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Check it out! Can't believe I'm seeing this!!!

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I met a NYC TLC driver over the weekend. He showed me his screen and it clearly showed the whole shore with the surges. He told me only the NYC guys can see it. I'm wondering why in Christs name Goober will not let us see surge they are hiding it from the pax and also crippled that Surge2 app so they can't show us surge. What is there to be gained from this nonsense? I can see a bunch of lawsuits coming from pax that no longer have the info to make an intelligent decision.