Uber or stay home with the gas shortage ?

Thoughts on this anyone ? Its frustrating to want to get out and earn and there is a serious gas problem in San Antonio at the same time. It's a tough choice to go out and uber and make some cash but where the hell do you refuel when you can't ? Any frustrated by being forced to stay out and nix the side hustle income that helps you through the week.


I did what was necessary, and hit IH-10 east way out of the city center. Out in the country, there was gas aplenty...and

I got that same result doing this on both Thursday and Friday. So, I drove an hour out of my way, which delayed the start of my DoorDash run. But heh: I was able to pull off five hours of driving with half a tank left at the end, so it were worth the bother for me.

P.S. Can't tell you what the price was - I don't pay any mind to pump prices.