Uber or Lyft?


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I use Lyft 99.9% of the time. I don't like Uber's app, I don't like the way pickups work on Uber, and I strongly disagree with their political actions. But I can't drive 12 hours a day, I would die.


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If I were to go full time, based on the market here, I'd probably want to drive 7pm to 7am the following days:

Sun-Mon (pick up business commuters Mon morning)

That's 48 hours. If I wanted to add another 12 hours I'm not sure when I'd do it...Tue-Wed and have a split "weekend" on Mon and Wed nights? Or Wed-Thu and have a 2 day weekend?


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20 hours a week is my max or I'd burn out (and so would my vehicle). I am 70% Uber and 30% Lyft I'd estimate.. if I am sitting more than a few mins I turn on Lyft.. two fishing poles you know? It's called "gig economy" for a reason... it's a side gig or a temporary gig until you find more permanent work.

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